truffle hunting
in san miniato

Participate in our Truffle Hunt.

Come hunt for San Miniato truffles with us! We will guide you through the woods in search of truffles with our faithful dogs, Maya and Birba, to discover all the secrets of this extraordinary product.

For foreign guests, we speak in English. In case of bad weather, the tour will still take place.

For info and to make reservations, contact us:

Truffle hunting together with the Nacci family

Truffle hunting is a fun experience you can have with us and our dogs, discovering secret places where seasonal truffles can be found. Let’s start with our store, which is located at our headquarters at 110 Zara Street Loc. Corazzano( about 10 km from San Miniato), an easily accessible village in the countryside.

We will lead you into our forests through secret trails together with our dogs Birba and Maya for a duration of about 1 hour and 30 minutes (for foreign tourists, we speak in English). During the tour we explain how training is done and how to search always following the dogs in their work and hoping to see them dig up some truffles.

And after the truffle hunt-all to the table!

After the tour, we return to the store and explain everything about truffles: harvesting periods, storage, use in cooking, processing, and all the specialties we make with our truffles. In the meantime, you can sample some of our products for free and, if you like, purchase them advantageously at factory price.

For those who wish, it is possible to add a lunch prepared with freshly harvested truffles at a small trattoria in the village where we will accompany you directly on foot and where you can enjoy an all-truffle lunch at a special pre-fixed price.

Ready to become a perfect Truffle Hunter?
They are waiting for you for the truffle hunt in San Miniato!

Truffle Hunting in San Miniato

Let our experienced truffle hunters guide you on a truffle hunt, along with our faithful dogs Maya and Birba.

All the Secrets of the Truffle

You will discover all the secrets of truffle hunting, which are passed down from father to son.

Truffle Tasting at the end of the day

At the end of the hunt, you will enjoy the fruit of your labor, delighting in our truffle tasting.

Live a True Truffle Hunter Experience.

Looking for Truffles is an Art! And, as good truffle hunters, we’ll take you on a 1h 30minute tour through the woods for fun. There will be opportunities to laugh, joke, learn about the area and, of course, unearth hidden truffles. Truffles will have no more secrets for you! For our foreign guests, we arrange tours in English.

Ready for an exciting truffle hunt?

Maya and Birba are ready to unearth the finest truffles, in the woods of San Miniato. Would you like to participate in the next truffle hunt with us? Reserve your place and let’s go on an adventure!

And after the truffle hunt... Truffle Tasting!

What better way to end a day of truffle hunting than with a delicious tasting of Nacci truffle products? The just reward of the perfect truffle hunter.

The experiences of our truffle hunters

Jen H.

Of all my trips and experiences in Italy, this is undoubtedly the most valuable and unique. Monica and Riccardo were the most welcoming and warm hosts from the moment I arrived. I arrived at the site by bicycle, which they offered to guard. With the other members of my group, Riccardo led us up the mountain with their adorable and talented dogs. Together, we managed to find 5 truffles. Along the way, Riccardo educated us on the details of truffle hunting and selling and the history of San Miniato. Upon our return, Monica prepared DELICIOUS samples of truffle foods and later a lunch with the truffles we had found. Meeting this family and the people in my group was the highlight of my trip and worth every penny. I highly recommend it if you are in Tuscany.

Rebecca Myles

We had a wonderful truffle hunting experience with Riccardo and his beautiful dogs. He was very well informed and friendly. We learned all about truffles and how he finds them. After our hunt, Monica prepared a delicious truffle meal. Riccardo and Monica were fantastic hosts, and their truffle hunt was the highlight of our trip to Tuscany.

Chuck Joseph

This is the third time I have had my guests participate in Nacci Truffle tours, and they always do a great job. An exciting experience!

Jennifer Pagliaro

This was the best excursion we did in Italy. Monica and Riccardo are lovely hosts, both experts in the magic of truffle hunting. We went out with Riccardo and their beautiful dogs into the woods and found two rare white truffles. It was great to see their dogs working and their bonding with Richard. Afterwards, Monica prepared a beautiful tasting for us, which we paired with the truffles just found by the dogs. Their store is partly a museum about hunting and Monica’s family, as well as Richard’s recent accomplishments and their many dogs over the years. In addition, tasty truffle seasonings and other products can be purchased. Recommended experience. Thank you for everything!

Barak Weiss

Excellent experience hunting wild truffles in the forest with Ricardo and the dogs Maya and Birba. Then we had a fantastic lunch prepared for us by Monica. We had a great time!

Kathy Miller

A fantastic truffle hunting experience and, to finish, a home-cooked meal of truffle shaved pasta.

Cynthia Dunn

A perfect way to see the forests of Tuscany and appreciate the hunt for this region’s prized truffles. The owners, Monica (third-generation truffle hunter) and Riccardo were friendly and hospitable. They had the 2 most adorable dogs in the world, helping to scout for black truffles (white truffles are not in season until November). When we returned home/shop from truffle hunting, Monica prepared an extraordinary truffle appetizer plate, followed by the main course of pasta and truffle. But a surprise truffle dish on egg with cream was the best. Definitely, I recommend signing up for both the hunt and the lunch. One of the highlights of our trip to Italy.
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Immerse yourself in greenery and nature for an unforgettable experience.