nacci truffles
a family passion

Truffles of San Miniato: experience and love for truffles

Tartufi Nacci is more than a company: it is a family. With us, you can find fresh truffles, black truffles and the prized San Miniato White Truffle. But that’s not all: in our exciting truffle hunts, we show you how to search for and dig up these hidden treasures, with the help of our amazing truffle dogs, Maya and Birba.

For generations, the Nacci family has been dedicated to collecting and selling every variety of truffle that grows in the heart of Tuscany. Our tradition is based on secrets handed down from father to son, with dogs trained with patience, love and an ever-living passion.

Thanks to our experience, passion and seriousness, we offer only the best fresh and preserved truffles to give you a refined taste experience and satisfy the most discerning palates, in every season. Come visit us and be won over by the unmistakable flavor of our truffles.

Or, enjoy the excellence of truffles for sale online in our shop.

Monica, Riccardo, Maya and Birba are waiting for you!


Riccardo Cei

I am Riccardo, co-owner of Tartufi Nacci along with my wife Monica.

Since I was a child, together with my Grandfather Nello, I used to go truffle hunting in the woods. He, himself, passed on to me all the secrets of searching for and collecting fresh truffles.

Today, the woods have no secrets for me. It will be an honor to accompany you on a truffle hunt in San Miniato together with our beloved truffle dogs. I’ll be waiting for you!

Monica Nacci

Hi, I’m Monica, owner of Nacci Truffles. My passion for truffles began over 30 years ago when I accompanied my grandfather in his work. Hence, my great enthusiasm and optimism was born.

Every day, I strive to offer our customers the most delicious products that pander to their needs and taste.

Visit us at our store in San Miniato for a delicious experience.

Maya & Birba

Our beloved helpers Maya and Birba, a Lagotto and a Truffle Dog from San Miniato, are part of the Nacci family. Come have fun with us in the woods on San Miniato’s exciting truffle hunt!

A Family Passion

The Nacci family of truffles is synonymous with tradition and passion in the world of truffles. For generations, Nacci truffle makers have been handing down the secrets and techniques of this ancient art from father to son. Each family member has helped build a reputation for excellence, based on a deep knowledge of the land and a unique dedication to finding the best truffles. With love and patience, we train our truffle dogs, making each collection a unique and authentic experience. The story of Tartufi Nacci is one of family ties, love, tradition and an endless passion for truffles.

Participate in the next Truffle Hunt

Ready for an unforgettable experience? Join us for a one-of-a-kind truffle hunt in San Miniato!

Accompanied by our expert truffle hunters and trained dogs, Maya and Birba, you will explore the Tuscan woods in search of the precious black and white truffles. After the adventure, we are waiting for you for a special tasting: enjoy a selection of typical truffle products, carefully prepared to enhance their unmistakable taste.

We are waiting for you!


Over the years, many celebrities have chosen Nacci Truffles for their exceptional quality and authenticity. Singers, actors and celebrities from the world of entertainment and sports: many have relied on our experience and passion for truffles. Our reputation has grown through our ability to always offer the best, selecting the finest truffles and ensuring a unique gastronomic experience.