Extra White Truffle Oil SPRAY

Extra White Truffle Oil in 100 ml spray is an essence of pure gastronomic pleasure.

This luxurious condiment combines the finest extra virgin olive oil with the unique aroma of white truffles, turning every dish into an extraordinary culinary experience.

Data Sheet:
: Flavored Condiments
Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, white truffle, flavor.
Allergens: None.
GMO: Absent.
Stability: Microbiologically stable product.

    Advice for Use:
    Ideal for seasoning pasta, rice, salads, canapés and bruschetta, as well as for enriching egg, meat or fish dishes. One splash is enough to turn your dishes into culinary works of art.

    Store the product in a cool place away from sunlight. Maximum duration: 2 years. Once the product is opened, it is recommended that it be consumed in a short time to ensure the best quality and freshness.

      Suggested Recipe

      Truffle Ravioli for 4 persons:

      • 250g of spinach and ricotta ravioli
      • 100g of cultivated mushrooms
      • 1 teaspoon of our Truffle Oil
      • Parmesan cheese to taste.

      Heat the mushrooms in a skillet, add the truffle oil, and stir for a couple of minutes. Add the parmesan cheese and mix it with the cooked ravioli. Serve immediately for an unforgettable taste experience.

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