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truffle hunting

Truffle hunting is a very fun experience  that you can live with us and our dogs to discover secret places where you can find seasonal truffles. Let's start from our shop which is located at our headquarters in Via Zara, 110 Loc. Corazzano (about 10 km from San Miniato), a village in the countryside but easily accessible.

We will lead you in our woods through secret paths together with our dogs Birba and Maya for a duration of about 1 hour and 30 minutes (for foreign tourists we speak in English). During the tour we explain how the training takes place and how the search is carried out always following the dogs in their work and hoping to see them dig some truffles.

After the tour we return to the shop and explain everything about the truffle: the harvesting periods, conservation, use in the kitchen, processing (sauces, creams, oils, etc.) and all the specialties we produce with our truffles. In the meantime, you can taste some of our products for free and, if you want, buy them at an advantageous factory price.

It is possible to add a lunch prepared with fresh truffles just picked up at a small restaurant in the town where we will accompany you directly on foot and where you can enjoy a full truffle lunch at a pre-established special price.

We also organize tastings and truffle hunting demonstrations for groups in the adjacent garden. A faster but very fun experience with all the explanations necessary to discover the fantastic world of truffles.

For quotes or to book & Info go to contacts or write to info@tartufi-nacci.com or call 338 8967807

In case of bad weather the tour can be canceled and the price will be refunded to the customer.

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