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Pasta with Truffle

truffle pasta

PASTA WITH TRUFFLE gr.250 -  INGREDIENTS : We have 3 kind of pasta with truffle:TAGLIOLINI, LINGUINE & TAGLIATELLE. Tagliolini are made with first quality Pasta of durum wheat semolina with eggs, wheat germ and truffle, Linguine are made with durum wheat semolina & truffle, Tagliatelle are made with durum wheat semilina, eggs and truffle stored in boxes.

SUGGESTION: These products are ready to use (cooking in salted water) with butter, cream, or olive oil. Perfect with one of our Truffled sauces or with fresh truffles.

SHELF LIFE: 2 years, room temperature. After opening, conserving in a dry place and eat shortly.

PACKAGING: Bags gr. 250 of pasta. Boxes 16 bags pasta.

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