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Kasecreme mit Truffel

Kase-Creme mit Truffel

KASECREME MIT TRUFFEL: Unsere Kase-creme mit Truffel ist a "Fondue" of typiche Kase: Pecorino-Kase, Italico-Kase, ButterKase, “Casciotta”Kase und Erste Qualitaten weisse truffeln (5% min.).

SUGGESTION: Perfect and ready to use for make truffled pasta and rice, to prepare bread and sandwich, over eggs and omelettes.

SHELF LIFE: 3 years, room temperature. After opening, refrigerate +4°/+8°, cover the surface with olive oil and eat within 1 month.

PACKAGING: Glass Jars gr.90 and gr.180. Boxes of 12 jars.

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